Figure 1: Applications can be quickly deployed via drag & drop

Drag & Drop Configurability

Symbiote Drives can be quickly and easily configured via drag & drop through our Collective portal.Simply select an application or service from the catalog and drag its icon onto the node(s) you wish to provision. There is no need to ssh onto any of the nodes and also no need to learn how to code. Provisioning takes just seconds to perform.

Figure 2: Example S3 Select deployment via Minio

Symbiotes can be configured to be a part of a cluster of like nodes; or they can be mixed and matched with different personalities– just depends on your needs. If your needs ever change, you can simply delete the service and deploy a new one. In some cases, deployments, which have taken hundreds of hours to provision, now take just seconds with Collective.

Figure 3: Watch Minio installation via Collective

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